St. Lawrence, Bythorn


The church of St. Lawrence, Bythorn consists of a chancel, with north chapel, nave, north aisle, south aisle, west tower and south porch. It has an unusual truncated spire with a copper capping.

Bythorn St Lawrence The church is not mentioned in the Doomsday survey (1086), but there was a stone church on the site in the 12th century. The nave was probably rebuilt towards the end of the 13th Century, when a north aisle was added, but, notwithstanding the presence of a 13th-century piscina, it is doubtful whether the chancel was rebuilt at this time. Early in the next century a south aisle was added, and about 1345 the chancel was rebuilt and widened to the south, the tower and porch were added and the North aisle rebuilt. The chancel arch was originally built c1345 but is now nearly all modern. The clerestory was built in the 15th century and the north chapel early in the 16th Century. The tower and spire were repaired in 1853. The church was largely rebuilt in 1870 and the chancel much restored in 1874. Some repairs were done to the tower and the west end of the south aisle in 1907. The spire was reduced in height in the 1950s (because it was leaning over the nave of the church) and is now capped off with a copper roof.Bythorn St Lawrence

The first bell hung in the tower was a bell cast c.1360. There have been many re-castings and refurbishments of the bells since, and there are now four bells, in good working order, ranging from just over 6cwt (315kg) to 12cwt (610kg).

A more detailed history and description of the church and bells can be found on the Bythorn village website.