Rector’s Ramblings – March 2014

The season of Lent

In the Christian calendar the season of Lent begins this month and, as with Christmas where we count the down the Sundays to Christmas, so we count down the Sundays to Easter, five in all before Palm Sunday which marks the beginning of Holy Week. Lent is traditionally a time of reflection on the state of our spiritual health and in the past people fasted. Today, few go that far but many folk, Christian and non-Christian, give up something for Lent – chocolate, biscuits, alcohol – often giving what they would have spent to charity. The idea of fasting, of course, is bound up with the discipline of spiritual reflection so it’s important to set aside time to do that too. This year we will be having a series of midweek evening Lent services which will move from church to church around the group, almost like a pilgrimage. You can find the dates and times on the services page in the middle of the magazine. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday which this year is March 5th and we are really pleased that Bishop Stephen, Bishop of Ely, will be out and about locally and he will be at Brington school visiting the various classes and then joining them for their Ash Wednesday service. There are two other services that day. In the morning Tony Levene and I will be at Keyston and then in the evening we will join with others from around the Deanery for a service at Kimbolton led by the Bishop and the Rev Stephen Bowring. In Holy Week, there will be services around the Benefice as we mark the episodes in the Easter narrative, starting with our Palm Sunday procession to the church in Keyston which will begin at the Village Hall. If anyone has a co-operative donkey who could join us for that we would be delighted!

Rev Brenda

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