Rector’s Ramblings – April 2014

When the Bishop came to tea…
Well, we certainly had an Ash Wednesday to remember this year. Bishop Stephen went down a storm at Brington school where he visited Hedgehogs class and then joined us for our Ash Wednesday service. There are some photos on the Ely Diocese Facebook page at If you don’t do Facebook, don’t worry. It’s public and you won’t have to subscribe. He also thoroughly enjoyed inspecting the tractors and other machines at the farm run by the Tebbitt family in Old Weston followed by a wonderful afternoon tea, and then met parishioners from around the villages at the Racehorse in Catworth. I was very pleased that he came and was able to have a taste of life in a group of parishes that is a long way from the centre in Ely. 

It can sometimes feel like we are disconnected from the rest of the Diocese and I think it is important to make an extra effort to remain involved. That’s why I volunteered to be a clergy delegate on the Diocesan Synod which meets three times a year. This is the forum at which Diocesan policy is decided and sometimes there are issues which directly feed into what happens at General Synod which is the decision-making body of the Church of England. Back in November 2012 there was a huge fuss in the media when the proposal to permit women bishops was narrowly defeated at General Synod. Well, a new proposal is on the table and each of the Diocesan Synods have to vote on whether they are happy for it to proceed to General Synod. At our most recent meeting that vote was taken, after a balanced discussion, with only a handful voting against, and there was a real sense of being involved in an important decision as well as optimism that this time it will go through and proceed to Parliament. With all its flaws, I still think democracy has a lot to recommend it!

Rev Brenda

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